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What’s New?

Radiant Introduces New TerraSketch® GIS-intrinsic CAMA Sketching Software.
TerraSketch® is available for use with any CAMA system.  TerraSketch® draws buildings in ArcGIS® quickly, accurately, and easily.  Sketches and attributes are stored in standard ESRI feature classes, not in a proprietary or hidden form that requires permission to access or translate.  For more information, see Product link.

TerraSketch® GIS-Intrinsic CAMA Sketch St. Clair County, Illinois Installation.
Radiant recently began converting the St. Clair County Assessor’s CAMA building drawings to the County GIS geodatabase for use with TerraSketch®.  The St. Clair County Assessor plans to use TerraSketch® drawings to increase field data collection productivity.  The GIS-Intrinsic sketches will be added to their Mobilyst® pen computers so that field staff can quickly determine if any new buildings or additions on a property needs to be measured and collected during their annual field reviews.

Radiant Releases CAMA 7.
Radiant Software recently released their latest CAMA 7 integrated appraisal, assessment and personal property software.  CAMA 7 contains many new features enhancing the drawing, income valuation and comparable sales appraisal functions.

Radiant Releases Camera and Photo Upgrades to its Mobilyst® Pen Tablet Field Data Collection System.
Radiant released an upgrade to Mobilyst® that takes advantage of the integrated camera in the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 pen tablet.  The upgrade allows Mobilyst® to use the integrated camera to automatically link photos to the CAMA parcels.  When linked to CAMA 7 the photos are automatically linked to and displayed with the photographed building and miscellaneous (pool, barn, cell tower, etc.) records.

Bill Wadsworth Receives IAAO Presidential Citation and IAAO Distinguished Research and Development Awards.
Radiant President, Bill Wadsworth received an IAAO Presidential Citation for revitalizing the IAAO Research Committee.  He was also a co-recipient of the IAAO's Distinguished Research and Development Award for his work with three other members of the IAAO Research Committee for their recent foreclosure-related sales research on behalf of the IAAO Board of Directors.  This research is available to all members on the IAAO website as A Guide to Foreclosure-Related Sales and Verification Procedures.

Bill Wadsworth Reappointed to the IAAO Research Committee
Radiant President, Bill Wadsworth, was recently reappointed to the IAAO Research Committee.  Research for 2012 will focus its efforts on updating the Mapping Chapter of the Assessment Practices Self Evaluation Guide and developing a closer relationship with academic and professional organizations.

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