Radiant News

Radiant Releases CAMA 7.

Radiant Software recently released their latest CAMA 7 integrated appraisal, assessment and personal property software upgrade. CAMA 7 is the latest upgrade to Radiant Software’s easy to understand, easy to use, easy to explain, and easy to defend computer assisted mass appraisal system. CAMA 7 contains many new features enhancing the drawing and the income valuation and comparable sales appraisal functions.

Radiant Releases Camera and Photo Upgrades to its Mobilyst® Pen Tablet Field Data Collection System.

Radiant released an upgrade to Mobilyst® that takes advantage of the integrated camera in the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 pen tablet. The upgrade allows Mobilyst® to use the integrated camera to automatically link photos to the CAMA parcels. When linked to CAMA 7 the photos are automatically linked to and displayed with the photographed building and miscellaneous (pool, barn, cell tower, etc.) records.

Bill Wadsworth Continues to Mentor for the IAAO Certificate of Excellence

Radiant President, Bill Wadsworth, recently stepped down as Chair of the IAAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration (CEAA) Special Committee. The CEAA is important because it is a distinction that is earned by the jurisdiction based on a comprehensive evaluation of all of the functions of an assessment office by the IAAO.

Bill has been involved in the Certificate of Excellence since bringing it into existence while Chair of the Research Committee in 2004. He was also the first (and only) Chair of the CEAA Special Committee which took over development and support of the Certificate until passing the baton to the IAAO’s newly created CEAA Subcommittee, which he championed.

While no longer on the Committee, Bill continues to serve as a Mentor for Jurisdictional Candidates. During his tenure over 30 jurisdictions have earned the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. Bill served as the Mentor for sixteen of those jurisdictions and continues as Mentor for five jurisdictions who are attempting to certify or recertify at this time.